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Professionals Beis Medrash (PBM) is a carefully constructed adult education programme. It is designed for those who wish to improve their ability and build independence in the study of classical Jewish texts.
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Avrom Bishop

"I first started attending PBM about 3 months ago when on a Tuesday evening. The style, pace and level of detail that the shiur covered was something I had never experienced before, and for the first time ever, I started learning Gemorra at a level I felt extremely comfortable with, and in a way that encouraged me to want to learn more. Each session is interactive and thoroughly enjoyable, aimed at encouraging and challenging the group to try to work out for ourselves what the Gemorra is trying to teach. All this is done under the expert help and guidance of a Rov with whom it is an absolute pleasure to learn. Joining PBM is a life-changer, and I cannot praise the organisation or the style of shiurim highly enough. Missing out on a formal Yeshiva education was a massive mistake – PBM helps to rectify it."

Yossi Lipsey

PBM is a unique course teaching Gemora skills through a combination of vocabulary, keyword, summary sheets and flow charts and led by outstanding Rebbeim. Whenever I have been to Gemora shiurim in the past I have relied totally on the Maggid Shiur. I have never been in a position before where I can contribute to the understanding of the Gemora. In PBM, right from the start, we learn with a chavruso giving each partner the opportunity to review, learn and explore the Gemora themselves. I look forward to the shiurim so much – PBM has transformed Sunday mornings!  

Michael Seitler

"I sat through shiurim in high school and had not wanted to learn Gemara after I left. I saw the program advertised and said I would only do the trial to prove to myself that I was right and learning Gemara was not for me. Six months down the line I can confirm I was wrong. The style and energy of this program and specifically our Magid Shiur has given me the feeling of learning and the way we are taught to break down the text and try and work it out for ourselves before coming back as a group and seeing where we understood and misunderstood is very satisfying. The depth is so much more than can be reached by learning through an English translated text. I look forward to Monday nights every week."

David Levine

"Over the years that I have been learning Gemara I have always been under the impression that I’ve been able to learn at a reasonable level despite little in the way of formal yeshiva education. Attending PBM has made me realise just what the missing fundamentals can mean and have really helped me start to learn independently. The framework and methodology have resonated greatly and have enabled me to look at my learning from new angles; challenging every assumption and showing me how the backwards and forwards fits so elegantly into a pattern."

Jeremy Michelson

"I am a beginner in Gemara although I have learned Mishna for many years. I am learning a great many skills which have already enriched my Mishna learning. I am beginning to realise that Gemara need not be a closed book to me. It is hard work but thoroughly rewarding."

Simon Gingold

"I have been attending PBM for nearly 6 months and I am so glad I made the decision to sign up to the programme. The shiurim are interactive and the pace of the shiurim allows for everybody in the group to internalise and utilise the skills necessary for learning Gemara. It’s clear that a tremendous amount of work has gone into preparing the resource material which is proving really useful for independent study between sessions. Kol HaKavod to all the people involved in PBM. Thank you."

Colin Frey

“ PBM – Probably the Best Beis Midrash in town.Rav said “if you pay for PBM you’ll acquire knowledge”. Rebbi says “you have to pull the knowledge towards you in order to acquire it If you want to understand Gemara on several levels join PBM. ”